Tuborg GreenFest is an annual series of rock music events that takes place in a few European countries during the summer months. Since 2005, Danish beer makers Tuborg, part of the Carlsberg Group, have brought together well-known rock bands and artists for one-day festivals in Russia, Serbia and Ukraine. 2008 saw concerts held in Bulgaria and Croatia for the first time, and in 2009 GreenFest premiered in Romania.

GreenFest borrows its name and image from the popular Tuborg Green beer, a pilsner beer popular with the youth for its long association with music.
The Tuborg GreenFest mainly draws its inspiration from the Green Concerts (Grøn Koncerts) music tours that take place every year in its home country of Denmark.[The concerts were started in 1983 by the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation (Muskelsvindfonden) to raise awareness and funds for treating the disease,[and the concerts still remain popular today with Danish artists such as D.A.D, Big Fat Snake, Thomas Helmig, Tina Dickow, Jokeren, and Nik & Jay joining in the tours. In 2004, the whole tour generated 5.5 million Danish kroner for Muskelsvinfonden.

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